GPS data visualization software created in Java for academia-grade animal homerange analysis.

Download the user's manual (PDF).

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Color map generation software created in Java, highly useful for visualizing 3D data.  Networks with Pronghorn or runs standalone.  Includes the interactive ability to optimize sRGB luminance over the generated color scheme.

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EighteenRabbit is a fun Mayan calendar app for all Android and Apple devices.  Includes Mayan long count and Mayan Tzolkin calendar cycles, with wonderful original artwork.

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Sophiapp is a dictionary of Philosophy, but so much more.  Browse through thoughtful analyses of the most influential ideas and thinkers from ancient to modern times.  Quiz yourself on your philosophical savvy.  Check out the timeline to put it all in context.

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Need an app? Scientific software? Big data analysis or visualization? With over 15 years experience and advanced degrees in engineering, we'll get your job done, and done right.

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Schlieren flow visualization image courtesy NASA.